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Available Services

Sensitivity Consult

Are you creating/writing a podcast, DND campaign, comic book, blog, book, or other piece of media? During your video conference we'll go point by point through your outlines for hang ups like harmful words and concepts, and I'll offer potential fixes along the way. This is great for people who don't need a full sensitivity reading, but still want to make sure their work isn't harmful to marginalized communities. Starts at $30/ 30 minutes.  An hour is recommended for first time consults


If you need research done on a topic, but you do not have the time to do it this service is for you. I charge in hour incriments for $60/hour. This includes a resource list, a brief explanation of the information within each source, and any questions you had answered as part of the deliverables.

Classic Sensitivity Reading

tw list trouble spots and potential fixes further learning resources. This starts at $0.004/ word currently for written works like novels, articles, and blog posts

Grphic Novel/ Comic Sensitivity Reading

This service is for non-traditional media that still has words on the page, but there are other components that encompass some of the page space/ meaning. This service costs $0.91/page

Overview Reading

List of areas to revisit and trigger warnings that should be listed. Great for shorter works or when resources are tight, but you don't want to skip a Sensitivity Reading entirely. This service is $0.003/word


For those not getting a full sensitivity reading I do offer additional resource lists starting at $15 dependent upon the service. Ask about this while booking :)


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