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Current state: Self Edits

Hopeful Release: Early 2023

Simerra didn't ask to be thrown into a dystopian nightmare, but who ever does? The sickness took away all sense of normalcy, leaving behind children with powers, "glows" they must master. A task that Simerra didn't accomplish before adulthood. Alongside her found family she struggles to remain undetected from a government that seeks order and control above all else. When the government closes in she is forced to decide between complacency and freedom. Will Simerra be able to keep her growing family safe and step into her own light or will she fall in line? CW: fade to black assault, abuse, death, torture, disease mentions

Specific chapter warnings are listed under each chapter title

sand and sand dunes
sand dunes in the desert
the beach with the left third being waves covered in sea foam
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