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Service Reviews

I had a sensitivity consultation with Emeric to discuss a fantasy WIP of mine. He was absolutely amazing from our very first conversation—very patient, very kind, and very smart. He's also just a very friendly person; I found myself completely relaxed the entire conversation because he's just so easy to talk to. He gave me some really valuable feedback about my book, even identifying a potential issue that affects a community he isn't in and encouraging me to seek out a sensitivity consultant from that community. When I have a complete draft of my novel, I'm going to be hiring him to do a complete read through. 10/10 highly recommend Emeric. -Cassie

Emeric was very professional and very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all of my questions and gave me good insight on subjects I hadn't thought about. I feel better equipped to tell stories that have respectful depictions of characters from marginalized communities. I'm very appreciative and plan on working with him again in the future! -

- Kae Wilson, Call Us Casters Podcast

Five stars

I highly recommend Emeric as a sensitivity reader. I had been following his content on TikTok and was excited for the opportunity to work with him.  He was able to point out areas of my manuscript that were problematic that I had not considered, as well as confirm some of my worries about my manuscript and provided me with some resources on how I might fix them. His critiques were helpful and ranged from issues of word choice to larger structural concerns. I greatly value the feedback he gave me both in terms of things that needed work and things that were done well. I look forward to working with him again in the future. -Abigail

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