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"The World is on Fire"

It would be perhaps more apt to say the flames finally got close enough for you to feel their heat. The world has always been an enferno of marginalized and disadvantaged folks fighting for the betterment of themselves and the world. The choir of their voices lost among the cracks and pops of the fire as their bones are used for kindling to fuel the interests consuming them. Before, some of us could shut the blinds and look away, but that is thoroughly impossible when the injustice is on your screens, in the paper, and at your very door. Suddenly, the far off wildfire closes in, proving the threat to your home was more than theoretical, but only now as white ash falls on your face does it matter. The fire has changed only in proximity, but you have changed viscerally. As you help your family evacuate, spread information with the latest updates, and volunteer with the fire department in your rush to help I want you to ponder why. Why now? If you had this level of response within you the whole time, then why did it take you so long to act?

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